Napster usage low

I just posted the article Napster usage low….

Since Napster activated their filters about 2 days ago the number of people using Napster has decreased immensely. The downloads decreased with about 50%. Also the numer of shared songs per user…

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It whas fun at long as it lasted :slight_smile: now we going on to the next one. Said it before and i say it again this is not the end just the begining.

“uninstall successfully completed” I have just kicked Napster from my computer :d KaZaA is ok I think ( there will be an article about eDonkey2000 in a few days :7

Hmmm… don’t see the problem. Just use an alternative server with Napigator and it works like before… Just did a search for madonna and got 100 hits back :slight_smile:

Try out guys, I really like this program

Look guys … the best program for all your requests: MP3, APPZ, XXX or whatever is LimeWire 1.2 !!! It has much faster servers than Napster and no broken links … around 500 TB online … TB :9

Yo, what’s the BEST alternative for napster? Just use napigator; or just take another like limewire, kazaa or whatever? Grtz JP.