Napster urged to block Nazis

I just posted the article Napster urged to block Nazis.

Source: ZDNet.

Germany’s internal security agency called on media giant Bertelsmann Tuesday to help stop its online song swap partner Napster from being used to exchange music by extreme…

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you have to take the good with the bad. If the music isn’t good then it won’t be passed through the net on to other people’s computers.

you cannot tell people what they have to do.

everybody has a right to speech and to share his thoughts.

and there seemed to be a lot of people who like to share nazi music.
you can blame the people for this if you like, but you cant tell the people to stop doing it.

we are free whatever we like to do, this is no iraq or something.

i dont like nazi stuff, too.
but if the people like it…
we have things too that we like, what other people piss off…thats life

Fuck that shit, Nazis suck and
Nazis music ist nothing but spreading hate and agression.
It has to be banned.
Racism is no oppinion it is a crime. Think about that johnboy.

Nazi Music is bullshit, ban those dudes without a second thought.

98% of the population wouldn’t give a crap about it anyway so it probably doesn’t matter whether they stay or not.

As for people should have a right to choose - I agree, but you have to draw a line somewhere… I mean shit some people like to kill and rape, should we let them do it because they like it??? hello!!!

Geomantik, how can you group music with thing like murder and rape? Murder and rape actually cause physical harm to someone. Only thing music can do is hurt your ears.

They should add a small program to these shity Nazi songs this program would me a GPS (global positioning system) this would work with their computer wich would send a signal so then use this reference to bomb the suckers.

It is not the music that hurts that´s true , but the ideas delivered
by such “music” - it makes people believe that it is ok to fuck up somebody cause he got the “wrong” skin color.


Seems like the only people posting here are stupid or young… This is a blatant attempt to undercut the free music model that Napster uses. Totally classic arguement: use the most extreme element to introduce a way to plave controls on what you want. You see, once they lay the legal groundwork for banning users based on whatever, the door is open to banning punk, rap, socialist, or whatever the fuck they like. Who is going listen to the nazis anyway? Whao gives a shit? Nazis love the internet, and guns, and maybe cigarettes, too. What next? Ban Socialists? Liberals? You are all a bunch of sheep, saying bad nazis. Idiots, look past the red herring and at the real deal for once!

Just for the record, I am against nazis, torturing small animals, raping children etc. I am for mom and apple pie, daisies, and fuzzy sweaters. Puke puke retch retch. who’se with me?

damn just finished my opinion crashes my computer…but what i wanted to say: let them make their music and spread it… i don’t think words will harm much, just ignore it. I’m also AGAINST nazis but i also think everyone has the right to spread and share his/her ideas…

and for the one about raping/murder, how can you ever compare this? It’s totally different. Words don’t harm if you just ignore them and then people will stop telling such things…

but again i’m against nazis !

If it wasn’t for guys like amohat, I wouldn’t even bother to comment on this, but it looks like someone out there are actually using their brains.
Who are you guys to tell what’s good and what’s evil? You are entitled to your opinion, but so is the next guy. You can’t say that your opinion is better than others, that is bullshit. And have you ever tried listening to rap lyrics, like Ice Cube? I’ll guarantee you that is no less violent towards other skincolors. You want to outlaw that kind of music too? Get real!
Btw, I have a complete Ice Cube collection and not a single nazi track, so don’t waste your racism remarks on me…

What the Fuck???

At what stage did I say - now let me compare music with murder/rape??? - if you guys would get off the pcp for just a moment.

I made an example (not a comparison) about drawing the line to what we see as something that is destroying our society.

I’m a huge follower of music and what it offers us all, but I don’t agree with lyrics aimed directly towards inflicting violence and pain on others because of their skin colour or religious background.

I’m of the belief we are all here in life to live together and hopefully make life easier for each other - completely not what NAZI music even gives a shit about.

make that 99,9%

All who bares positive thoughts about nazi are seriously in need of some psychic-medication!!!

Again I say you have to take the good with the bad. If you want to ban some music because you don’t agree with it then you have to worry about someone banning your music for the same reason.

On a side note… what does murder/rape have to do with music? You have an idea v.s. an act. How blind do you have to be not to see what is going on?

I agree with amohat in the view of this issue.

hey you guys wake up!! I mean, I believe everyone has the right to share their opinion, bad or good one (althought I am against racism and all that shit), who cares!! Why deciding to ban all the artists who spread a so said “violent and explicit lyrics”? That’s up to the ones listening to this music that should decide to do so if they are revolted and consider it as a crime… Here in Canada, smokers continue to lose their rights… They reeforce plans to discouraging teens from smoking… I don’t give a fuck about what they do, I have my own opinions… They should start reacting when people consider it odd… I don’t know, but we are really restricted, they choose everything by themselves, in this “democratic” society (yaaa right)…

Yes let’s ban “violent and explicit lyrics”! This will finaly mean no more Eminem, Dr.Dre, Snoopy Dogshit and all other so-called “gangster-rappers”. BAN RAP!!!

if any of you had ever studied the nazi’s you would realize quite how quickly they got into power during a crisis. Hitler went from having 2-3% of the vote to 50% in a few years, how:

-rallies & speeches
-shutting his opponents up

you must not tollerate these ideas

well … heres ma 2cents

i believe in freedom of speech, everybody is entitled to their opinion… who are you to say a opinion is wrong… you know what i mean?

also im SO NOT against black peepz…or asian red yellow n shit knows what other skin colour [well dont really like to greens… they tend to take over the world =)

anyway i saw some nazi stuff in a news report some time ago n some stuff was quoted ,sencored offcourse .
question: dothese guys state their opinion? or do they just promote violence ? they tell you to wipe them out etc… its really awfull the things they say … its arguable…

however i so agree with ahomat… this is censorship
this is bullshit! this is indeed '‘a classic’'
it starts with this… bring

n yes 1s we allow this…there really will be no stoppin them

well my right hand is broken n uhhh took ,ew ages 4this not sure if it is a clear story as i didnt look at what i typed
just my 2cents


NAZIS are all a bunched up fucks that do not recognise the changes in the world, when speaking of multiculturism coming to Germany after when ever White man was there, Fascists fuckers are all left overs which did’nt have a say in the changes, racism is always there especially in european countries, where for over 2000 years white man has been dominating, now without any say those fascist fuckers cant take the idea of immigration of other cultures into Germany, Europe, For this reason Fascism is arousing. For fuck sake ppl u want racism abolished START FUCKING OTHER CULTURES