Napster UK goes live at double the cost in the US



I just posted the article Napster UK goes live at double the cost in the US.

 GristyMcFisty used our    news submit  to tell us  that Napster is now up and running in the UK. Not only that, they are ahead of  schedule - which has to be a cash flow blessing for the...
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This is outrageous. When the US legal music download services started at 99 cents a song, I remember thinking “I bet when they introduce this into the UK it’ll be 99 pence a song - same numerical value, but vastly inflated economic value”. And I was right. This basically means that, with exchange rates, we brits pay double what the yanks pay (99c = 55.3p). Bloody outrageous. Well, fuck that. I always said that the only way for the music business to get back in my good books was on my (i.e. the customer’s) terms, and if I got a whiff of being ripped off I would be off running like a shot. No Napster For Me, thank you very much. Greedy bastards…


hey zulu let me tell you right now NAPSTER SUCKS!!! I have had it with even paying 99 cents for this 128kbps product. I upgraded my computer and none of my napster tracks would play. I got that fixed, then I bought anMP3 player and the damn thing won’t play the tracks. This DRM has got to go!. I have a feeling that the tracks are about to go way up over here in the United States of Hollywood too. :frowning:


So Napster goes from Free all the way to 1.94 per song. Talk about inflation :stuck_out_tongue:


Why pay a fee, when you can get it for free?


“This doesn’t make sense. Why are the tracks not 99 cents? They are nearly double the cost as compared to the service in the US” Welcome to another example of the UK fuckover. But don’t worry guys, we’re use to it by now, the general public love to pay over the odds for stuff :frowning:


hburrows83 - Just like Petrol prices!


Well, we expect this kind of crap living in rip off Britain! But yes, actual CDs in the shops cost easily £9.95 which works out as $ 17.74 and sometimes they cost more.
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pay ± €2 for a song ? i dont throw my money away. i prefer buy the cd or good old emule :X


Well, come on… Heh…it costs more to ship over seas…:stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget VAT. It’s time to take High Priced CD’s and Napster(and it’s strong armed tactics)and throw them in the Harbour. :slight_smile:


This is stupid, the price of a 128 kbps, DRM-crippled album on Napster is £9.95. I can physically go out and buy the CD iteself for around the same price (or I can download it from Gnutella or Soulseek for free. ;)) At the prices they are charging us, the new Napster is going to die real soon and it is highly likely that it will take Roxio with it.
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Just went out and paid £12.99 for a new CD, proving that I’m in the UK.


rip off britain again… :frowning:


I’m never going too download music and pay for that 128kbps dirty crap what the call music. Believe me they are going down one day.


Anyone that’s stupid enough to PAY for any of these services deserves what they get.If noone joined any of them then they wouldn’t exist.More power to them if they can idiots to pay for it ! In the meantime there’s plenty of free music for the intelligent people.:B


I hope it flops big time because all they are doing is ripping people from the uk off once again… best way to show we will not stand for this is a mass boycott from within uk…


Go here and give them some feedback if you feel ripped off…


Actually if you have a problem with either ITunes or Napster or any other Pay Music service Go here and give them some feedback they own it all :frowning: :r


Maybe Napster thought £1 was the same as $ 1usd. But two dollars a song, that’s friggin outrageous, heck, even $ .99 per song is very borderline considering the lack of overhead a digital system has. If anybody in the UK buys any Napster song, they are doing the whole world a disservice. Boycott Napster/Crapster/RipOffSter. And considering some of the rumors of iTunes raising their prices and their recent changes in DRM, they’re about to be next. But that’s a different subject.