Napster told to say 'Sorry, Metallica'

I just posted the article Napster told to say ‘Sorry, Metallica’.

According to this article @ The Register napster has to say sorry…

Napster must apologise to rock band Metallica, if it’s to convince the music industry that it’s serious about becoming a…

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Sorry. ;-


Can somebody please explain how I can place those nice smilies?

Got one thing to say to metallica FUCK YOU!!! and thats what napster should do to

Looks like kindergarden shake hands and say you sorry…

Cheapcrew: Just do a regular smiley wothout the nose, not “:-)”.

napster forever( and the next best is direct download)

Napster Napster …
Leave napster alone suckers

its just a word


with something attached of much bigger value thou


What is Hilary Rosen smokin !!! cause she is really Trippin …

Ahr Ahr Ahr Ahr
ehm… excuse me sir shittallica ahr ahr ahr

he, wouldn’t it be a GREAT idea to organise a BIG NAPSTER tour with Metallica as the MAIN event?!?!?!

Well, Sorry metallica but FUCK you, i download your cds becuase they are not a penny worth…

Damn Metallica should retire, old grampas that they are. Those lamers release about 1 album every 8 years and then expect it not to be copied. Shitheads. Someone seen Metallica’s drummer Lars Ullrich at the MTV awards? The audience hated him. And you could hear it…

How about an apology from Metallica for being such assholes. “;-)”

I keep it simple FUCK Metallica !!!

Thats all what i want to say

R0bby RULEZ!!! Metallica SUCKS!

Napster will never be shut down, so why worry?
PS: I wouldn´t even piss on Metallica CDs if they were on fire. =)