Napster to use fingerprinting technology

I just posted the article Napster to use fingerprinting technology.

Napster still in the run to be closed, is desperately seeking for a technology that will prevent users from swapping copyrighted songs.

This time they announce a new technology,…

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If Napster will only accept fingerprinted files it won’t be easy to bypass. However this will require a huge change in the Napsterprogram and the protocol. Napster now only builds a database with info like names,bitrate, size and lenght of the MP3 's users share. How are they going to fingerprint the soundspectrum? The MP3 has to be at least partially uploaded to Napster in order to fingerprint it. Or the Napsterprogram has te be changed to do the fingerprinting on the users system. I think it’s time to say goodbye to Napster. We can live without it. Since the Bertelsmann people took over Napster to make money with it the fun is gone. Long live the OpenNapservers and progs like AudioGnome en WinMX. Switch now and leave Napster to die quick and painless in the arms of Bertelsmann. :c