Napster to shut up shop or sell business? Job losses Looming?

I just posted the article Napster to shut up shop or sell business? Job losses Looming?.

    Napster  has denied claims that a major reorganisation of the business is in progress that  could see a large number of employees losing their jobs. They have also strongly  denied that...
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Does this mean I can finally remove the Napster link / program (that I never once used) that my legel puchased disk of Roxio felt compelled to install for me? This is going to require a hack or two because the last time I tried to remove it Roxio decided to stop working.

It can be cleanly removed thru add / remove programs, it has never been a problem removing that way. sounds like there may be more to your problem. Or how about when you install do a custom and don’t allow it to be installed in the first place. Sonic bought Roxio not Napster.

Kamik: If it was only that easy. In any case it’s dead and gone now. Two reg hacks. One to kill it, the other to remove it. It was really buried well in there.