Napster To Go DRM Issues



Ok so a few of my tracks I downloaded a month or so ago are now giving me this crap where I can’t play them ( asking for DRM updates ) I can’t update them by importing into napster or doing anything I don’t know wtf is going on =(…

I already tried redownloading and now it says NO MORE DOWNLOADS. I think I’m going to say screw napster and go to Virgin digital…


If they’re any better… :stuck_out_tongue:


Napster has been messing with things recently. I’ve noticed I can no longer play my tracks in Windows Media Player, but I can use their own streaming player. If I double click on a track I’ve already downloaded, I get “Napster cannot play this track right now” or a DRM error. Further, you cannot restore the licenses by the recommended method of importing the tracks - Napster’s software doesn’t seem to recognize any of their own .wma files as even being there.

Napster limits you to three downloads per file per user account. After that, you will get a “No more downloads” message. It’s a new restriction they’ve placed on their customers to limit any possible distribution of their files. You can theoretically renew the licenses month after month, but you can’t redownload the same track more than three times.

I wrote to Napster about the DRM issue earlier today. It could be as simple as a problem with their DRM license server… or they are trying to further restrict what people can do with their files.


yeap I deleted ALL my napster tracks today deleted napster cancelled subscription and moved to Virgin Digital, it’s cheap has the same songs for download and is less restrictive.