Napster songs to ipod

i just DL’d 1k songs and need some way of getting them onto my ipod
the songs have some kind of protection that wont let iTunes import them into its file list
i know this has prolly been discussed … but i AM paying for my music… i just want to be able to take it with me
i also want to be able to put the music on audio and MP3 cd’s…
i was hoping there was some kind of mass file conversion program where i could select all my songs and remove the protection all at once

oops posted 2 times read other post.

I found a lot of iPod video converters but not any audio converters, that run on Windows. Which is not good. Try looking around and you may find one, I only looked on Google. Sorry I couldn’t help :sad:

I use this its great , Itl convert all your music in one time and turn it in to a working MP3 you can burn and use anyware.