Napster software will identify sounds not names

I just posted the article Napster software will identify sounds not names….

Yesterday we already reported about the new beta 10 of napster including the acoustic fingerprint system. We said they put a watermark on your files, so you must either make your files read-only or…

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Anyone has a valid alternative? Not gnutella, considering that it eats all the bandwidth? Any gnutella client that is not spyware, anyway?

There are tons of alternatives. One way to get around napsters crap is simply to zip the mp3 file up into a zip file, rename the zip file to .mp3 and then the file will fail the supid fingerprinting. A pain in the ass and a lot of work but it’d get around napster if you deperately still want to use it. Otherwise just use any of the other programs with spyware and use the spyware detector program mentioned on the previous postings (around 5 postings back about audiogalaxy being spyware)

doesnt it take verry fucking much cpu power to compare all the mp3 songs on the napster network ? seems to mee that there isnt a computer fast enough for that in the world… I only have maar than 3000 files shared on my hdd…it would take hours to compare them all…

Morpheus is really great ! It connects to what used to be the OpenNap MusicCity servers and adds some nice new features. Basically it’s built on a program called KaZaa (isn’t it ?), but while KaZaa only allows a max mp3 files quality of 128k, Morpheus doesn’t have this limit. Get it on Enjoy :wink:

Well, I’m a sound dude. Here is a way that I think might work though I really don’t understand the technology they are using yet: If they are using the ‘‘wave’’ print like a record groove to identify the virtual physical characteristics of the file, just add a little compression to it - audio compression, like in Sound Forge. Use a DirectX plugin like “Realizer Pro” to alter the fingerprint - radio stations notoriously take songs & boost the bass & treble & use audio compression - in this way the peaks contained within the file will change thus changing the finger print …??? Maybe…

Just don’t use the new version. Why such a fuss for such a little thing. :4