Napster SLOW downloads?



I have a 500 KB/s broadband internet connection. All other internet activities seem normal. Pages load OK etc. (However speed tests only top out at about 300 KB/s.) In any case, when I go to download music from Napster, it does only two songs at a time and each one at only about 4 KB/s! :doh: What the HECK? I just downloaded a file from a link here at about 59 KB/s.

Does Napster throttle the downloads? Is it because I’m in a 7-day free trial? If I pay for a month will they then unlock the dl speed? Or do they look at how many files are in your queue and limit your dl speed? What should I see for a dl speed if I’m runnin’ off a broadband connection?

At 4 KB/s I might as well be on an old 28.8 modem! Thanks for any replys.



try checking your configurations in Napster? download the latest version and any patch etc if required? check if you got anything else like a firewall thats partially blocking it, etc?


I just dl’ed and installed Napster two days ago. The only setting I know of is the radio button that says 128 Kb/s streaming which I checked. No firewall limitations. Other dl’s go smoothly.

Does Napster limit dl speeds during the trial period? I’ve emailed them but no reply. I was hoping someone here might have some insight. Right now it takes over an hour to dl two songs!! :a


128KiloBits… is 16 kiloBYTES a second. You picked the wrong download speed! :wink:

Your 300KiloBytes is about 2.5 MEGABITS. :wink:


As far as I can remember, they don’t limit download speed when on the trial, at least I’ve never had that slow downloads.

I would check to see if there’s any new options in the settings, and limits set to unlimited. (I haven’t used napster for a few months now)


GURM-I must learn to be VERY precise in my posts. Sorry. The radio button I selected was “128 Kbps Cable/DSL or higher”. The other options are ISDN and modem…obviously slower.

The other error…my broadband internet connection is a 500 Kbps connection that typically tests out at about 300 Kbps…NOT 300 KB/s

Basically, there are no limits I can find on my end that would result in files being transferred at a max of 8 Kbps. Any other ideas? Anyone else having such problems?



Err… 59KB/sec. is very close to your 500kbit theoretical maximum, so I’d ignore that speed test that pegged you at 300.

I have no idea. I don’t use Napster.



Over a year later I continue to have this problem intermittently. Sometimes I can DL a song from Napster in minutes (24 KBytes/s which translates to 200 Kbits/s on my broadband) and other times I’m limited by Napster (I think) to less than 1 KB/s which means a song takes almost TWO HOURS to DL!!! WTF???

If you Google “Napster slow” the first hit you get is this thread!!! So this must be a problem not being discussed. Let’s get beyond the confusion about bits and bytes OK. There is no problem with the download speed on my end. I have a 1.0 Mb/s broadband connection now. Everything else, including speed tests to the west coast, confirm this.

I think Napster is throttling downloads based upon what is in your library. If they think you have too much they throttle you. Any other thoughts on this? Anyone else with this problem???

Yes I have the latest version…right now I’m DL a song at 800 bytes/s. That translates to 6,400 bits/s and my bandwidth is 1,000,000 bits/s. That’s only using 0.6% of my bandwidth!!! WTF??? And yes I checked w/ my IP and they do not limit bandwidth…



I have basically the exact same problem as you. Not sure what to do. No help from either the Napster support or IP support.

Did you find out a way to change the slow speeds?

Does it eventually go back to normal? And for how long at a time?

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks