Napster Searches are running low

I noticed lately that with the filtering that Napster had to put in place by court order, the searches are running low on sharing files. Music I used to be able to find with no problem is no longer available. Is there an alternative to Napster out there yet? If so, where can I find it? Thanks for your help in advance.

I could copy paste some info from our main site, but i guess i would be not much of problem if you checked it for yourselfs,

So my advice to you is visit our main site and start searching for that kind a news, i know there is a lot of to find.

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I understand that CDFreaks has alot of stuff on this subject, but you have to weed through all the other stuff to find it. However, the only thing I could find was “Napcomeback”, and that doesn’t really improve the search findings. There has got to be an alternative to Napster, and Napcomeback. I did also try audiognome, but there wasn’t alot of finds there either. Can any one tell me where or what the alternative to Napster, Napcomeback, and Audiognome is? Thanks for any help you can provide.

If you want to find Mp3s get WinMX. You can find it from

It is best program to find Mp3s and Pics and movies! It is powerful because it connect to many popular servers! Like Napster have about 5000 users all the time but Winmx connects to 20 servers, so there are about 10000-30000 users all the time. So witch one you want to use… make your choise but remember Napster will die… :(!

I thank you for your reply, and any others who have suggestions on this topic. Yes, I think you are right, Napster will die :confused:

The best place i know of for getting songs is: They always have tons of songs. Download their program called Audiogalaxy satelite to get songs. It’s easy and good and usuaully pretty fast.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

napcameback sucks dick.

it renamed all my mp3 into filenames like this : #$% sdkhf234Rs#$%.

And there is no buton for undo. I deleted it right away from my HD. I think it’s a piece of software where you can wipe your ass with.

but hey, thats my opinion.

i haven’t really used napster for a while now, but i came back today to look for a song that i wanted and saw the filtering that everyone is talking about. Yeah, i heard a lot of great things about Audiogalaxy, Winmx, and Audiognome.

But this was what i did to get the song that i wanted:
i logged on napster and the search returned 0 results, so then i opened up napigator which searches for other servers besides the openap servers and voila! i got my tune…i was wondering what other people thought about napigator, it worked for me.