Napster Rivals Winning Popularity Contest

I just posted the article Napster Rivals Winning Popularity Contest.

Ever since Napster was shut down legally it would stand to reason that some other
software(s) programs were waiting in the wings to take Napsters place.

"File sharing still is incredibly…

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Why don’t they ever admit defeat? People want to share, and have proven it over and over. It’s time for new business models.

If I was in part of shutting down Napster, Than I would b 1 dumba$$ bcause you got 2 admit…out of the whole world sharing files and programers out there. Making a product for people to share their songs to other people would b too much for me to keep up with. I mean after Napster went down, many people found new programs like the next day or even the same hour that napster started to do the filtering and stuff. I used to use napster till they started filtering out my songs, After that I went and found new programs that worked even better than napster. But the ppl tring 2 keep us from sharing should learn by now that if u take down 1 program another will fallow, there4 making them work even harder to bring more programs down. I’d say for each program shut down, at least 4 programs r invented, Reopened, or renamed 2 reopen…lol

surpression of ppl always have proven to be useless. ppl will always do exactly the opposite of what the surpressors want, in all major historical facts this is proben big time and in lill things it’s just the same. so when you are going to forbid file sharing, then dozens of others simply will come up only for the above reason :wink: add to that the file sharing progs that would come out wether or not they would’ve sued napster time to do some history homework :wink: