Napster released 2.0 beta 6

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Our friends of FileFlashsubmitted that Napster releases a new version. The site doesn’t…

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Damn! This is so cool!! I can’t even descripe it! It’s like a hole new program! The interface as also changed allot! I suggest you go download it right away! It’s really worth it! I promise…

Oops! I forgot to write whats new… ) . Well, you can now also search after WMA files! There is also a kinda skin selector, where you can choose background and stuff like that… . Well, i guess u will have to find out the rest

Cool but there isn’t the resume button! Why???

This new version looks nicer and all but what the hell is the point when they go and take out RESUME - idiots… I’ve didn’t like b5 bcoz they removed the resume from the Transfer panel (you couldn’t match up mp3z that were out by a few bytes - made no diff)… I’ve stuck with v2b4!

The full release is sure to look better still (whenever it happens) but I’m sure they are gonna remove the Transfer option completely by then!

i agree, there is nothing worse than downloading bad encoded mp3 … and another thing i hate is when people can’t name their mp3 properly (when you download some artist and find out that it really isn’t the one you thought! /#"¤!"¤)

How hard can it be to encode properly … and use CDDB for gods sake

by the way … i agreed to rcn82

What to hell is this prog anyway???!?!?

I recently talked to some guys in #napster on efnet. I have to say they all have been really nice and ready to answer my questions. Something else to say is that now most of the servers are linked to each other. This means you can search and download files from ppl linked to other servers. Drawbacks of this is that you may not see them in chat rooms, but you can message them. Also, if you add them to your hot list, they will be listed as offline, even if they are online.

The new stuff with this version is:
The interface is cleaner, there are now custom color schemes, private messaging (and igore user option) built in help, search for WMA files, and you can choose what folders to let other people download from.

napigator doesnt seem to work with it

Well, if Napster doesn’t suit you, why not check out Gnutella? Lot’s of lot’s of all kind of files, but, unfortuantely, very low transfer rate…

WAUW it’s faster ! You have to dwnld this version !!
Even no bug in it, the dwnld files are complet, no more missing bits at the end of a song like the old version. Go and get it and remember don’t share metallica and dr. dre !

Today I’v dnwld the full cd of Britney Oops very fast. I encode all the songs very well - no problems at all. I found not yet any trubles at all. Try it and give your opinion here ?

someone good at computer stuff, would you make sure that this new version of napster’s not what dominator was thinking in that its a traceable program now?
cuz im really into Dre and Metallica and aint tryin to go to jail

This new version does not provide any major bug fixes, it still freezes constantly and doesn’t offer any real improvements. My advice is to keep version 2.0 beta 5. Anyways napster has really started to decline recently in that many mp3 files are plain garbage. I think it should be manditory that before you share your files you figure out how to encode properlly.

good time