Napster, record industry back to court today

I just posted the article Napster, record industry back to court today.

Reuters reports that Napster and the RIAA are back in court again. This lawsuit is about how Napster should stop sharing copyrighted files. Of course Napster can never guarantee for 100% that these…

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RIAA - it’s simple! Go fuck yourselves!!!

Nicely said :slight_smile:

RIAA has only well payed lawyers and some old folks who don’t even know how computer works, that’s why it’s easy to fool them. They don’t care about anything but having money and that’s why they don’t care if napster keeps going, cause they can always get them to court and get some more money from them that way…

nhelesh: you got an estimate of what RIAA lost from piracy compared to it’s legle bills? the old people you’re referring to - are those the judges?

let napster rest in peace … game over man

Napster? Why dont they just give up? They ruled the world but now they have lost it! They will never get it back! There are simply to many programs out there now where you can get EVERYTHING. So R.I.P Napster…

Napster should fuck the US court system and go underground. The amount they earned from the advertising revenue on their site they should have enough money to move there offices and business to some other country that doesn’t give a fuck about copyright like China, Isreal, Afghanistan, Russia, Iraq, Bosnia, Egypt. They could set up the servers over there and just leave 'em running and check 'em every so often, and go back to America, and fuck the RIAA 'cos it would be controlled from a server in a country that America has no control over. Kind of like what did (in Britain only BT is allowed to store home telephone numbers, so stored them on an American server, which people accessed from America and BT couldn’t do a thing :4)