Napster Question

I have downloaded songs from napster and for some reason it keeps says sorry this track is not currently available and also why cant they be burnt to a disc is there any way round this ??

Uhhh, did you look around the forum at all? :confused:

sure did

then you know all about wma files already :slight_smile:

thanks for your help


How can i make my napster files play if i have i cancelled my subscription is it possible ?

One thing that maybe worth trying is setting the clock on your PC back to a date prior to the subscription expiration date and try playing a few songs without being connected to the internet. If the PC is not online, Windows has no way of telling if the time change is to correct a wrong time or deliberate.

I am not sure what Windows Media Player does when the expiration comes. If it modifies the song itself, then it may still be possible to play songs that you haven’t tried playing after the expiration date if you set the clock back.

However, if Windows Media Player logs that the licenses have expired in its license database, then there is pretty much no hope in reactivating them by setting the clock back. Much like setting the clock back on expired shareware software.

Finally, if you are willing to resume your Napster subscription, then chances are that your music will re-activate once your subscription is live.

If you’re willing to do some work and find some software there are several threads here and in the audio forum that discuss things . . .

with the napster to go service can you burn it to cds ?

How many threads are you gonna start on this? :smiley:

I think the point of Napster to go is so that you can copy to an MP3/WMA player and/or burn to a CD. I don’t use it so I’m not totally sure. If you’re wanting to play copies of your music from Napster there are several ways to get it to a player or a CD. Seriously, there are several of very good threads in the P2P and Audio forums that discuss this in great detail if you’ll read through them.

Merged all three threads, as they were practically the same.