Napster problems

I recently agreed to help my cousin upgrade his computer and now I’m in big trouble… The hardware part is fine, new mainboard/cpu/vid card great stuff, and of course a fresh winxp install due to the new board.

Anyhow here’s the problem at hand. He has a large collection of music downloaded from the “new and improved” legit napster (.wma’s) that i backed up for him to one of my machines. After reformatting his drive and reinstalling his OS i placed the .wma’s in his “my music” folder (makes sense) and none of them will play in winamp/windows media player/music match. It says cannot obtain license. Is there a way to convert these .wma’s to .mp3 (no built in licensing) so he can listen to the songs he paid for? He is no longer intrested in subscribing to napster because he has signed up for iTunes… Any help would be much appreciated.

You are Buying Music that U can Only Play on the Machine it was Downloaded On…Not Worth the Money…DON’T Make Them Rich at Your Expence…Cheeper to buy in the Shops/Store…I hope All the Other Peeps out there get Wise to This Very Soon…If there is a Progy to do what you ask I’m sure someone will soon tell ya…BEST PROGY of ALL, BOYCOT these MUSIC FILES…Be Good, Be Lucky, Take Care…

GoldWave possibly could.

This was the reply I got from Napster. I have the same problem.

Try a piece of software from Europe called TUNEBITE.
For a one off payment of $50 approx, you can run each track through TUNEBITE and the Napster embedded licence is erased.
I am even advised that it is legal!!

My own Napster related problem:
I have a new laptop, and set up Napster in the Administrator area.
I have now set up seoparate identies for my wife and daughter; but have discovered that Napster will not run from within either identity.
Napster say this is an unavoidable programme restriction; ie Napster must be run from an identity with Admin rights.
Question: Does anyone out there know of a way around this; it seems ludicrous to me. I want each member of my family to have their own Napster Library, as we all have very different music tastes.

i love tunebite as well and use it all the time so i can have mp3 files and use them wherever i want, though i still subscribed to yahoo unlimited and plan on doing so for a long time. you will only be able to use tunebite if you still have an active subscription with yahoo/napster/etc. since you did a fresh install onto his computer you can’t just copy the wma files and expect them to play. you’ll also need the license files, which you probably didn’t copy along with the wma files. so when you go to play the files, WMP doesn’t find the license and thats why you get the message. but as long as he still has a valid subscription then you’ll be okay. just reinstall napster and sign in and then try to play one of the files and it should eventually prompt you to save a new license for all your files. then tunebite everything and you can cancel your subscription and keep it all. not sure why someone would choose itunes over napster/tunebite, but thats up to them. good luck.

if napster is like yahoo, and i bet it is, you can’t do what you want. its not your computer that prevents the separate libraries, its napster. i suppose every time you download something if you want to change the download location to a different folder then it would work. so you could give each user of your computer admin rights and change saved folder each time. not too hard as long as you remember to change it.