Napster Problem

Hey, I got TuneBite and im currently ripping all this music i got from napster ive been looking at this licence (spelling) stuff and ive got a pretty big problem on my hands i want to put this music on my ipod and its protected so i cant directly do that so i got tunebite and i have over 6000 songs downloaded from napster and all the songs say i can play them till 8/24/05 which is like tues or something and in my humble opinion you cant do 6000 songs in 2 days its not possible i tryed to turn back my computer clock and it wont play if i mess with the time. if i use an older version of WMP will get be able to play the music and not worry about the time limit? if i can get any suggestions id really appreacte it

You will have a choice of either lots of dead .wma files or you can pay Napster for another month.