Napster previews new version

I just posted the article Napster previews new version.

Napster, once the number one source for downloading (copyrighted) MP3 files is currently previewing their service that is set to be launched early 2002.

In early 2002, we plan to launch the…

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Just a loada wankerz playin’ on the innocent ! :4

Napster will be bankrupt by end of 2002, no one in their right mind is going to pay to download music, ecspecially when they are developing their own format. Morons…just plain morons. :4

I’m not sure about that Puckster, It looks pretty nice, and if the price is right, I think a lot of people will consider becoming a member. Afterall lots of people are paying for lots of bullshit !

Yeah,lot’s of people are paying for lots of bullshit! A sad but true fact :r If only more ppl would “grow a brain” and start being conscious about where they put their $$ and what crap products they use!

LOL ! Another new File format ! These stupid companies(Nap,Press play…etc) can’t even get on the same page.Fuggedabout it !!!:r