Napster Present On 30 Percent Of PCs

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Source: Betanews

A Web site that analyzes personal computers reported today that Napster software was installed on 30 percent of the PCs it tested last month.

The rising number of…

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"…for free…"
magic works…

"…for free…"
magic words


it comes with windows whistler

Whistler? (fluit fluit fluit)

I find it hard to believe that Napster would be bundled with Windows Whistler…

The best things in live are free!!!

A Web site that analyzes personal computers

Wat the f*ck is this??

“We’re actually going inside the PC, so we know all this stuff,” Cheng said.

wat more does Cheng know ??

So “cheng” is one of those assholes attempting unsolicited connections to your machine while you are online!! That’s why I got a FIREWALL!! These assholes are going into your shit ILLEGALLY!!! I say FUCK THEM!!!

mmmm cool but it isn’t the first site who is doing this shit duuuuh
30% not to bad but 100% would be better