Napster or not, downloading & sharing of music files continues

I just posted the article Napster or not, downloading & sharing of music files continues.

A study by market-research firm Odyssey shows that 31% of online users over the age of 16, or over 40 million U.S. consumers, report they have downloaded or transferred music online in the past six…

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Boycott the RIAA.

I just wonder which music genre has dropped the most in sales…

Alright geezerz ! Cor - wiv all dis info about wot people are downloading, wot people like and wot people wanna do - you’d fink it would be an absolute treasure chest of opportunity for the music industry twatz to look and learn and then to make loadza cash givin’ people wot they want. Then everyone would be happy . . but instead . . well all I can say iz that they are a bunch of short sighted wankaz - seriously - itz hard to believe. Laterz … . :4

Why is it nobody in the mainstream media has thought to mention that suing all your customers might lead to a drop in sales? Duh! People are PISSED at the RIAA and refusing to buy CDs they otherwise would have. DUH!

Hey RIAA, Congress and The Senate…read my lips U.S. Consumers = Present and Future Voters = Bye Bye Politicians who misread their constituencies

The RIAA is a bunch of whining children. They have enough money as it is. There is NOTHING they can do to stop it. The saddest part is that OUR money is being WASTED as usual. Ohh America how wonderful a place! NOT!:frowning:

i am gonna download ALL my music regardless now no more albums bought from me (well except for jay z) The RIAA is accusing customers of being pirates by putting copy protections on cd’s. I thought in a democracy you were innocent until proven guilty. Besides the people who do the most damage with pirated cd’s are the ones who distrubte it on the net. These people are gonna do it regardless. The people who just copy for their mates will probably just download a copy anyway. The fact is music is so easy to download people don’t regard it as stealing and not every downloaded song is a lost sale Out