Napster or Guntella alternative?

I just posted the article Napster or Guntella alternative ?.


This sound very cool, but what we don’t know is, will it be able to handle thousands of users ? If so, this looks like THE alternative for Napster, and…

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Where can I download this???

Not to put you down or anything, but the link is posted in the news

for download page (outside frameset):

With I found only an italian site about “Elba Island”…
Is it the right url?!?

does not relying on a central server mean what i think it does…

it must be immune to the us justice system! yipee!

my italien is not so good like in the paste… can someone translate the site…?

some people seem to get another site, they probably just moved their domain…


could you post a direct download link?

This is the client for Win95/98/ME/2000


That download link didn’t work for me… Maybe overloaded or something. I’ll try again later

Looks like this site might have been hacked???
about 1pm (uk time) the site just changed into some italian page just b4 i could d/l.

Hehe, Guntella…


Installed it and my firewall lights up like a Christmas Tree.
Some sly trojan Perhaps???

I have tried it but there are no users and nothing to download CuteMX better

This client seems a little unstable. Also I cannot get a connection to any of the servers!

seems i can’t get connected to any server at all.

UPC, Casema??

I cannot connect to any server at all ??