Napster not available in my country. How to bypass?



Hi, I tried to use napster and register, but it says that it’s not available in my country and doesn’t allow me to register.

How do I bypass this?



Dont think you can. There billing system will be registered to accept payment from certain contries only, meaning they will not accept your payment.

Ben :slight_smile:


and no one here will tell you how to hack your way in sorry man
we like to be nice with what we do here bra.


Ok. Do I need to key in my credit card details if I want to register an account for the 7 day free trial?

If there is no need for that, can a kind soul help me create an account with any name and password and PM me?

I just wanna see what Napster offer, that’s all.

Thanks in advance.


i think u do need to input a cc for the trial


Im sure you do cos people wud abuse it otherwise. There are LOTS of other music download services on the net that are better than Naspter. Have a look round!



Can comeone who used Napster’s trial before confirm this?


You need to input a credit card to start the trial, but they won’t bill you till the 14th day.

I would look around for other subscriptions, I just signed up for Yahoo! Music Unlimited, and they seem good. I like the service. It’s unlimited downloads for $7/m or $60 a year.


I am a US Citizen in the Marshall Islands, and my computer says I am in the U.S. Why is it thinking I am in another country? Help! We didn’t even get as far as billing - and I already have an account with napster.


As far as I’m aware of, Napster determines the country from your IP address you are currently using, regardless of where you originally set up your account. If this IP is not recognised as one of its locations where it is authorised to sell music, it will prevent you from placing an order.

This issue also happens with many other country-specific services. Customers on satellite based Internet connections are usually the worst affected, since as a satellite signal can cover multiple countries (especially in Europe), many country specific services will block customers using satellite based Internet.

I would suggest contacting Napster’s support about your issue to see if they can unblock your IP, particularly since you have an existing account with them.