Napster launches world's biggest MP3 store

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Napster has launched a new web-based music store without DRM, which it claims to be the world’s biggest MP3 download store with a library of over 6 million tracks. This store includes music…

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Well, put me in prison, slap on a dress, and call me Shirley. This might just work. And the best part is, since the songs are already made, the kids in the Chinese sweat shops get a bit of a break on this one. If you’re evil and you know it, clap your hands [clap clap].

I was almost happy then I read the reviews at eWeek and Ars Technica. Not all the music is available for download and it looks like album only. I’m now in a holding pattern till I find out just what it is I’m being offered.

They have the right idea of the subscription, but need to get rid of the DRM.If they would do DRM free and a monthly fee of 9.99 unlimited downloads there would be people signing up left and right.These record labels are eventually going to have to figure it out or else people will just keep downloading for free.

Looks like another USA only store…
This message was edited at: 22-05-2008 09:09 is also open for bizz. No DRM for me, though. So, I’ll also circle a while before I land. :g