Napster launches $5 service

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Taking on Microsoft’s Zune Pass, Napster is launching a $5 monthly streaming service that includes five MP3 downloads per month.

Unlike the $14.99 per month Zune Pass service, which allows users…

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$5 for mp3s? Why do people pay these prices for lossy music?

Not bad.

I guess a lot of people, myself included, believe that the quality is good enough for just listening ie while working. Btw, are there any alternative services available offering lossless audio online streaming?

Lossless streaming? None that I know of but $5 for lossless would be easier to swallow than mp3 lossy. They are ripping people off giving them an inferior product but people pay those prices anyways, shakes head. Better to, save your money, get a CD copy, and make your own mp3. JMO.

But with 5$ you get all the songs you want for a month, there is no comparison financially to saving up 20$ for an album of max 20 songs. But then it’s all about personal preferences, i guess you prefer paying more for less but for better quality that some might not even realize when hearing (i guess you have better hearing) :slight_smile:

For the longest time I thought the bass on my audio system was on the weak side. Oddly enough, it had great punch when playing DVDs. When I dumped MP3s for lossless formats, it was like I rediscovered the joy of music.

I can hear little tiny detail in music. I guess, depending on how you look at it Hemi, it is either a curse or blessing. Also, it helps to have decent sound equipment.

The companies are getting close to the right idea. What was said about $18 for a CD, then maybe having 2 or tops 3 songs that might be extremely enjoyable, then I feel those days are gone. It’s easier to listen to whatever on the regular radio or through a stream and then think "Hey, I like that, might go to Napster/iTunes, wherever, and get that. But, buy the whole album? It’ll take a diehard collector to continue with that way of thinking…