Napster is beta testing its new service

I just posted the article Napster is beta testing its new service.

More filesharing news today as Wiccabilly used our newssubmit to tell us some more about the new Napster. He writes:

Here’s something that’s not terribly new but I haven’t seen on the site…

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So how many times must I pay for the music ???

I think Morpheus is a little cheaper, no? :d

Napster… it was good long time ago… but if it doesn’t have anything new except the prize I think it’s not worth it… but I haven’t tested it so I can’t say… We’ll see…

Well, paid services sound always bad in my opnion, BUT maybe it success will depend on the quality this service offers ? When they have loads of new albums stored in DESCENT quality, and you only have to pay when you download one (not just paying every month a fixed amount) and the prices are 1/4 lets say of a normal cd, well then I guess lots of people would find this a great deal ! maybe not for everybody, but, its a cheap and easy way to get good quality music. Compare it with sending sms’s with your cellphone, there are many free sms sites on the web, but still, when I’m behind my pc and need to send an urgent sms, I dont rely on that site I just use my phone. Maybe this comparison also works for the new napster ? :slight_smile:

please, tell me some programs, which i can find some musik in net(except napster or morpheus)

jms, I use WinMX which hasn’t dissapointed me so far (

thank you for tip wizard13, winmx is a really good program, do you, or anyone else know some other similar programs?

WinMX is not working for me, its going to the way of Napster…i only use Kazaa and Audiogalaxy

Kazaa and morpheus would be good if they didnt restrict bit rates to 128. Winmx is best. Its like the old rockin napster but even better.

hello do anyone know some site, where could download psx games?