Napster history ? Time for Gnutella!



I just posted the article Napster history ? Time for Gnutella !.

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For those who are tired of Napster, who think Napster sucks, who are ready to take the next step in file…

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Yeah right, who need NAPSTER anyway. Also a very good site for MP3 and more is
try it and like it like me


You can also give Scour EXchange a try at
Also, CuteMX ( ) is just around the corner. These two other progs work almost like Napster


For CuteMX (nice program btw) use the 2.0 beta version from, 'cause 1.6 release has a lot of problems


Disadvange of CuteMX is the small number of users using the program. IMesh seems to be a better choice…


How quick people forget.
Not that long ago everybody loves napster.
The king is death,long live the king