Napster help



Iv paid for a monthly subscription to napster and they taken 1 months worth of money out of my account but when i download the music its worthless it wont play on my napa mp3 player and i cant burn the music files using napster without them asking me for 99p so what am i paying for? its not napster to go im using its the other one.

Is something wrong or am i being ripped off? should i contact napster?


I thought you were a “supercracker”… lol

Seriously, I think it may have to do with your mp3 player. Is it part of the Napster-To-Go supported mp3 player (a fancy way of saying “is it drm compatible”).

If yes, then I would contact Napster and explain the situation.


I read about a guy in England who will unlock your files for 50 pounds. Maybe do a search?


Are you talking about this one?
Now that’s just cruel slow-ride!! :smiley:

For those of you who don’t get it… see the OP of the thread. :bigsmile:


Couldn’t help it…



Its not compatable but theys not the point.This music is rendered useless to anyone who pays for a subscription unless you splash out for a new player thats compatable.

Also they dont tell you that you cannot burn the mp3 files off when you join up.

Anyway screw them i will crack the files using win amp and im not breaking any law as i already paid for the subscription to download them so they can suck on that.

it takes ages to use the wimamp song thing but atleast its better then being screwed by napster.

It really gives a shamefull name to napster as some punkass company brought it and screwed it up who in the right mind would sell a subscription which allows you to download music that expires in 80 days and wont play on all mp3 player and wont burn to disk and then charge you for it when you already paid them a subscription fee to download the song.

Well screw napster


Output_Stacker Plugin & Winamp v5.08d no??? do a google search at your own risk. And oh yes it still does work just newer winamp version was blocked.