Napster hack leads to free downloads that have no expiration



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 Back in  April 2004, a utility had been made to strip the DRM off of iTunes  music.                                                       Now someone has rediscovered  an old Winamp...
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I do think this will help out Napster. Remember, Napster ORIGINALLY was for FREE music… now that they have 2 sell it to keep the music giants off of Napster’s dick, here both win: napster w/ increased sales, and the people w/ free music. :d


Bit of a misleading title, it hardly leads to free downlodas now does it? You still have to have downloaded the file before you record from the stream, which means you’ve had to pay for it first anyway. Or does Napster let you download a trial version? Anyway, isn’t this just like burning your DRM protected file as an Audio CD and ripping it back? Plus you end up transcoding (e.g. mp3->wav->mp3) which means your getting crapper qualtity…


Napster’s subscription service is a bit different. The user may download as much as they like for the flat rate fee, however with the restriction that the music will only play on the user’s PC, cannot be burned to CD or transferred to a portable player and also expires when then the subscription is up. Napster’s new Janus addon allows Janus compatible players, but the music still expires later on. This loophole allows the music to be converted to wave. The reason it is considered ‘free’ as users normally need to pay 99c to burn a song to CD or keep it permanently.


Well, this might sway me towards legal download services (currently I prefer to go to a shop and just buy a good old cd). I say, keep it!


I think this may haphazardly help Napster by getting many people to join, but after ripping a few tracks surely they’ll see how pointless this method is. Like it says you have to listen to the entire track, plus then re-encode it from wav to mp3 so you’re definitely going to take a quality hit with the re-encoding. I say no thank you, I’m waiting for a DRM stripper myself (man they are hot :g)


Its not free 10$ /month but im gonna try it. 1 million songs not bad, but use something like all recorder! works great and encodes it directly to mp3, wav, or wma. I hope they never use that secure stream crap, for now it seems microsoft may have done something good by being dumb:B


i don’t think you will lose much quality out of reeconding it. since its already digital. you will maybe lose a little but it won’t be noticiable i beleive. about listening the the whole track itself it can be done really fast you just need to increase the speed of the song while it converting it. there won’t be any difference you 1m song ripped @ highspeed will still be 1m anyway so if you rip 60 minutes of music @ 20x “just an example” it will take you 3 minutes to rip it …:S


Thats not true. It’s digital but it’s compressed using compression algorithms that dont store all the information. Just because something is digital doesn’t mean its lossless or perfect - digital can be compressed so it doesn’t have all the information. When you then decompress it you loose no quality but you end up with a huge version of the file. When you then re-compress it, it just compresses it again and doesn’t take into account the previous compression and so you lose even more info. It definitely makes it worse quality and isn’t the best thing in the world - especially depending on what bitrate the original file is in - with higher bitrates it wont matter as much.


I once tested streaming some music from MSN UK for 1p, and using audio capture software to save it, but it definatly doesnt sound as good, the track start/finish has to been done maually, meaning tracks are often too short/long. As long as music can be heard it can be copied (ultimatly using anologe in/out), however I cant be bothered with this method, if you want illegal music, go use p2p, if you want to pay, but it properly in a shop or online. - Ben :slight_smile: >>>Corrected spelling

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