Napster Goes to the Movies?

I just posted the article Napster Goes to the Movies?.


Hollywood studios study how they can make money selling downloadable movies (and avoid pirates).

The fear of a “Napster for movies” rearing its head has major Hollywood…

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Sounds cool!

Great. This will make it that much easier to get illegal copies of the films. If they do all the encoding for us then all that has to happen is one person gets hold of a copy of each film and we share them between each other.


I totally agree with Nila.

Sony & Disney we love you!!! HEHE

Great!!! Dont think so, how many days to down load a film??? As many know who are in the UK we lag behind in ADSL, T1 etc connections, and stuck with a (WOW) 56k conection If we are lucky!! Until pepole behind commuincations catch up with the rest of Europe and USA things like this are a million miles away. Im lucky to download MP3z let alone a film. In the UK? We shit-out yet again… Ah well, at least the UK kicks butt on everything else…Dont we??? He he…

For free ?
Sure, and Elvis livezzzz…

Umm, I hate to start up an arguement but I’m in the UK and I’m LOVING my ADSL. Just phone up BT and double check it cause they were meant to notify me when it was released but they never did. I had to phone up myself and double check.
Had it like two months now though and it’s F*cking great.

You have sex with your ADSL?

Toch maar ff in het woorden boek kijken.
Zoals mijn leraar vroeger zei: we weten precies wat je bedoelt, maar er klopt geen reet van

what crap! in europe the internet is much slower, not in their language and costs a lot! in france they have had to pay £10 a month for ‘wanadoo’ (hihi) until recently! no unmetered which i am currently enjoying with NTL for freeeeeee! my connection does not suck too badly and even if it did i can get a well quick 512kbps cable modem for £20 a month. does del_uk live in the outer hebredes or something (well out scottish islands)!

Pfft… I’ve got cable for £15 a month. In Belgium. Not only the best beer of the world, also the best connections :stuck_out_tongue:

and by the way, it’s 10Mbit/s…

heh, I got cable for about $40 a month. With a Com21 cablemodem(3,8mbps) and an account @ @home. It’s better than a dial-up modem, BUT:

  1. They got very sucky pings(last night i had to play UT with a 500 ping )
  2. Sometimes the server is out for the entire weekend.
  3. if it’s not the normal server, it’s the news or mailserver that’s behaving cocky.
  4. Shitty download speeds, usually I get speeds of ±40kbps offa an FTPserver.
  5. Shitty upload speeds. about 8kbps.
    And most of all: They want to, ahem ‘fuseren’(what’s the damn english for this?) with Casema and UPC!!! and oh, I live in Southeast Netherlands.

Just to compare with all broadband users whether CABLE, ADSL, or even the now wireless LOOK (which sux due to its 2mbit downstream, 200kps upstream for the same price as Cable)…

In Toronto, Canada here we have all THREE for about $40/month CAN (about $34/month US) and CABLE is the quickest at 350k/sec downstream and 45-50k/sec upstream. Sometimes one can get 1meg/sec off certain sites and some of my buds can up at 120k/sec!! Bloody bastards!! Apparently we’re going 10mbit when the damn CRTC gets off their ivory pedestals and approves the new cable modems.

Its all good but damn I feel for you other fellows in other parts of the world. That would cause mass-riots here as in N. America we want Xfers down yesterday! Things aren’t fast enough.

Hope you all get deployed with speedier networks kuzz the faster you get your shiet done faster on the Net the more time you have during the day to do other things.

Btw… all for new video compression formats! Would love to see a 1:1 compression ratio similar to MP3 1min=1meg. Lonnnnnnnnnng overdue!!! Cheers all!!

Does anyone knows where I can download PSone games so I can copy them onto a CD and play them in my PSone Console

Other countries? I live a half hour drive fronm the worlsd two largest manufacturers of digital optical components , JDS and Nortel, and I still have my slow as shit dial up with both Rogers Cable and Bell Canada with no plans whatsoever to put in highspeed access. I can rip dvds, capture any Tv show from my dish and make gorgeous Mpeg 2 SVCDs. I woulkd love to trade for Tv shows and indy moveies produced in Europe and Asia. The big (American) entertainment companies won’t let us have access to each others productions. All I need is the bandwidth. Shit.

I would also love to know how to tipe.