Napster goes to court.... to sue someone

I just posted the article Napster goes to court… to sue someone.

Source: Newsbytes

Napster is suing someone for a change, instead of being sued

Napster Inc., one of the most controversial and legally embattled companies in the high technology industry, put…

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Napster, I never knew you could! I want one of those shirts!!

Me too! Where can I get them??

I want NAPSTER branded CDR’S

If you go to they sell napster shirts and stuff in there store, all the money goes to charity.

Rock on Napster, AudioGnome, CuteMX, Napigator, Gnutella, Imesh, Scour, Hotline, every ftp site and any other file swapping program I haven’t discovered yet

You’ll see that Napster is one generation back of this proggie!
AudioGnome rulez!

Shirts @

audiognome is the greatest.

have you seen the www page listed above ( It is truly disgusting that people think that they can make money out of this enterprise. Profit is not supposed to be part of the equation!