Napster gets temporary reprieve



I just posted the article Napster gets temporary reprieve.

Once the almighty napster is nothing like it use to be…

A federal appeals court on Wednesday issued a short reprieve for Napster, saying the company can temporarily restart its song-swapping…

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Napster is pretty much dead, I don’t know why they’re even trying.


shows how much the courts know about the software industry if they’re asking for 100% guaranteed blocking. since when was any piece of software 100% guaranteed?


Can’t they just shut this f*ckin’ piece of shit down??? I find it hard to believe that anyne is actually still using Napster! And later on you will have to pay for this crap? Sheesh! Why pay for something that you can get for free from other “services”?


RIP Napster. I don’t understand the Napster dudes to be honest. If some shit judge oppressed me I would want some payback. I’d give away the whole infastructure to some dude who are in a country that does’nt give a shit about copyright. That way no one could do a thing. :slight_smile:


Napster is dead. I wonder why they still even try to exist as there are not many users on that service any more and there are so many alternatives…but then again, even the Napster people have to make money some how.


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