Napster & GetRight: FileFunnel

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Getright and Napster are working together on a program called FileFunnel…

Getright meets Napster



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This would be great news if napster wasn’t planning to go commercial and start charging. As it is though this is basically them just improving their service for their soon to be PAYING customers.
Also, I’m not into the lack of info about the songs (ie. no display of bitrate quality just “CD Quality”.

I prefer audiogalaxy (
They’re a lot better and I usually get speeds of like 10 - 20 kb/s as standard which is more than I could say for napster.

Yeah, I agree.

AudioGalaxy is very handy indeed.

AudioGalaxy Rlzzz

It’s stupid because Napster used to have a “resume” option, but in Beta 7 they kicked it out… they were probably anticipating this cooperation, with which they can earn some money !!!

Is it possible to listen to tracks as you download on audiogalaxy? im using it now and it seems quite good, but i cant seem to find out how to hear the tracks until there downloaded

Not many people know about ReGet ( I prefer it over GetRight because you can download all links on a page w/o having to click on every one of them and for many more reasons. See for yourself, it is very powerful. It also intergrates with WinMP3Locator ( It searches all the major MP3 Search Engines for FTP sites and tells you whether it is ratio, broken or free. These two program work great together and can even be more resourceful than napster. The author of these programs deserves a lot of credit! Oh yeah, they’re both free.

yeah ReGet Rules!!
I use it all the time!!
the new go!zilla is cool as well though…

With getright you can also grab multiple links from a page (Tools/GetRight Browser). It is a link-browser instead of a normal webbrowser, just give it a look

Is audiogalaxy a program???
(this is my First reaction on anything, so its liitle bit dumb)