Napster for MAC!

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Napster Inc. has released a Macintosh version of their popular Napster. This version has included a few new features to the program not yet available for other PC users…

On the official Napster…

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mac…he he

No fair - how come they get so much nicer a version of Napster than us PC users and we’re on like beta number 7. I’ve been dying for a history feature on searches for ages. I’d also like it if they set up a feature where you can store a big list of songs and it’ll just automatically do a search for them all and just start downloading them for you automatically from whoever has the fastest ping time or fastest connection speed.

To be honest: I think that Macintoshes are for people who are too dumb to use a regular PC. Everythings too simple on a (i)MAC, like they only have one clicking button on the ‘mouse’. You can’t even upgrade them: try opening your monitor to add some Dimms, like it is on an iMac, and you’ll get shocked by a 50000u Capacitor or something. MAC sux!

fuck you - macs are way better than PC’s. They don’t crash all the fucking time and don’t have all the microsoft crap on them

I HARDLY EVER experience my PC crashing. I also run Win98 and I think it’s pretty good. If those MACs are so good, why is it that 90% of the WWW is designed for a REGULAR pc? And if the MAC’s so good, where are all those games for the MAC? 100 games a month are built and released for the PC, while 3 games are built for the MAC and 1 of them is released. FUCK THE MAC!
Oh ja, voor ik het vergeet Timmetje: let beter op bij Engels. Het is PCs, niet PC’s.

mac sux

  1. ever tried networking a mac… i really dont reccomend it, it crashes more than NT with no network cards.

  2. mac does have a right click function, but you need to hold down the one and only button for about an hour for it to come up.

  3. mac did not invent the gui, xerox did, as a monitering system, jobs was going round his paper plant and nicked it. not many peope know that!

  4. they are expensive

  5. their only claim to fame was that their gfx were good but today that is crap because pc has accellerators.

  6. a mac mhz is not quicker than a pc one with good vers of windows but even if it was it would not compete 600mhz max for a mac 1.2ghz max for a pc!

i could go on all day…

check out my image…