Napster fires 16 employees and is getting ready

I just posted the article Napster fires 16 employees and is getting ready….

Newsbytes reports that (2 days ago) napster has fired 16 employees, leaving the company with 88 workers. They say this step was needed to make the launch of a paid subscription service…

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It will succeed simply because stupid people (aka the common Joe) who installed Napster will find out Napster is back, woohoo. But wait, it costs $10 now, fuck it, I have $10 to waste, hell I waste $20 for a crappy new cd, why the hell not…So there you have it, times by the amount of stupid people and Napster has some money again…

What is napster? :d

Who’s gonna pay $10 for Napster, if there’s other (and much better) free software out there?

rofl :slight_smile: Paying for music… Are there actually ppl who do that ?

yeah, well we will just have to see if thier database is as abundant as it was in the good ol’ days - or will it be controlled by rec co’s that only allow limited library access??

Now this is gonna be funny… Who can see if the mp3 I have downloaded comes from Napster :r or Grokster…? If I got 1000 mp3 from Napster :r R they legal then? just a little qustion :d

Damned Napster employees: Your company is allmost dead!!! :+

I wonder if they’ll change the quality of the files or something. Otherwise ppl with a high bandwidth connection will get more out of their money than ppl with a modem connection… Wonder if they thought of that?