Napster filed for bankruptcy protection



I just posted the article Napster filed for bankruptcy protection. reports that Napster has filed for bankruptcy protection today. The first file sharing network seems to die a slow death:

The filing comes just weeks after Redwood City, Calif.-based…

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I think napster should realize there time is over and let it go. It whas fun how long it lasted.


Alright geezerz ! Cor - wot an abortion dis whole Napster saga is ! An originally wicked and much loved idea, just left festering and smoldering from the flames of cancerous corporate greed on a hard-to-imagine scale. Sigh. Laterz … . :4


It’s time to make playce for new filesharing clients! And all respect to the beginners of revolution!


I agree, Napster rocked and was revolutionary for the time when it was first released. Tragic to see it all end up like this. :c Maybe we should write a book: “NAPSTER : The rise and fall of a revolutionary music sharing system”. :4


When I heard the news on the radio. I had this feeling that it was finally about time they file backruptcy. They were losing lots of money all the way from beginning, into everything, and law cases. But it is a history lesson to remember forever. Maybe in the future MP3 sharing will become legal throughout the global.