Napster fan hacks 60 sites

I just posted the article Napster fan hacks 60 sites….

Source: The Register

Windows NT server operators beware: hacker and Napster fan ‘Pimpshiz’ has you in his sights and is out to do some serious damage in the run up to the Napster trial,…

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Great work d00d keep up the good job! Napster sucks ass though (far too many transfer errors )

YES YES YES YES HOW KEWL THIS IS (both things, the hack and the other thing im not going to mention )

damn vinny, … u keep continue ur quest

That guy is really dedicated wouldn’t you say :wink:
Maybe if he keeps this up, some other fans will help him and we will get a major hackers revolution. Cewl!!!

That would be kewl Sluis1

and ]Q[, That WASN’T on purpous!!

Yes this is VERY cool! And I want to say one thing:

That’s because Vinny is in on IRCnet, he can see when the updates are done…

Yo Vinny
Faul play :wink:

Hack M$, Hack M$, Hack M$
Yo baby, Yo baby, Yooo!

Some more sites to hack: (sorry fans, but they messed up) (no comment needed) (no comment needed)

C ya.

Ha ha ha ha.

How many Napster servers r there anyway??

go go go yeah kick ass
Napster servers check this page klik download napigator and al servers who are online you can find with this program

That guy should deface record companies web sites. With the mesage “DO NOT BAN NAPSTER” in big writing.