Napster false advertisement



napster has been using false advertisement i beleive to get people to use there software and service.

napster has been running adds for a free 14 day trial, but upon trying to instail there software, napster REQUIRES YOUR BILLING INFORMATION which is NOT MENTIONED IN THERE ADVERTISMENTS, as for why your billing information is required, here is the explanation:

Why do I need to enter my billing information?
If you are currently a subscriber or using a trial, securing your account with payment information allows you to continue Napster without interruption when your current subscription or trial is over. Cancel anytime before your trial is over and your credit card will not be charged.

Providing your payment information allows us to give you full access to all of the features of Napster not included in Napster Light. Click here for a full list of Napster’s features.

did you read that correctly? it says at the top, if your are using a trial, IE FREE TRIAL< then you must provide your credit card number so you can be charged for the service when the trial ends, which means the 14 day free trial is not 14 days long, because you have to cancle before the 14 days are over in order for it to be free, but there advertisments which say 14 day free trial does not tell you this, but advertises the full 14 days as being free, which is false advertisement because in order for it to be free, you must cancle it before the 14 days are over.

then the second paragraph is more false statements proving, it states the billing information will also be used to gain access to all napster features, which means that you must purchas additional features, which are not free, in order to use the free trial, thus making it not free, there for a second false advertisement in the 14 day free trial.

so why is it that music companies sue and bitch about laws that affect them negativly being broken is ok, but then turn around and say that the laws, such as the no false advertisment laws and federal anti racketering laws they violate, or ok to do so because they benefit from it?

where are the reglastory agencies that are suppose to monitering the companies at?


no wait, for those of us living in the US i found the agancy to deal with this false advertisment of a “free 14 day trial”$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01


This is NOT false advertisement. In fact it is very clear advertisement and is setup in a similar fashion to most if not all product and service trials in the US. Trials are not meant to give you, the consumer, access to a product or service so that you may take advantage of it, they are meant to give you a feel for how the service works so you can determine if you would like to pay for full access. Companies require you to provide billing/address information so they can track whether or not you have already had a trial. Even though this is not a foolproof method it protects the 14-day trial from becoming an unlimited trial/free service. (multiple 14 day trials in sucession) Wether or not 14 days is enough to get an accurate feel for the service is at the disgression of the consumer. Napster simply picked a trial period they felt would work. However this is irrelevant with respect to legality and false advertisement. Let’s say that offered a 1000 day free trial. I think you will agree that there is no need to be upset if you cancelled the day before thus giving you a 999 day free trial. Common sense would say that you haven’t sacrificed anything.

Getting back to the legal aspect. Say you don’t cancel before the trial is up. You can in fact make 100% use of your free trial but after it has expired you will be subscribed to the normal service. (some services provide not only a subscription date, but a time so you can cancel right down to the hour.) This is clearly stated at the time of sign up. (If you don’t understand the conditions just contact the company) In terms of false advertisement, they have done no such thing. Are there more details than simply “we are offering a free 14 day trial”, of course there are more details. However not stating supplementary details is not false advertisement as what they advertised is indeed true, there are simply conditions that apply.

In regards to needing billing information to access all features, this is comparing napster lite to the basic napster service and napster to go. With Napster lite you can only listen to 30 sec previews and purchase tracks. The billing information you provide allows your trial to be validated and thus gives you more access to napster. (downloading songs, full previews etc.) You aren’t charged anything.

Hopefully that helps clear up some things.


join up to paypal and then use napster trial via paypal