Napster died.. CDs sales went down.. Coincidence?

I just posted the article Napster died… CDs sales went down… Coincidence?.

A new study done by the SoundScan sales-tracking firm says the overall record sales dipped almost 6% in this second quarter of 2001. Also: napster died this quarter… just a…

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This is sick… First they want to kill Napster and now they cry because CD sales dropped down… I think piracy isn’t so bad all the time… sometimes it is good thing! Some dudes buy copy first and then if game is good then they get original… some games what I thinked to be worse, I copied and wou those games was good and I never buyed them! :d This is my tip by original but buy copys too! :wink:

Funny these guys. They shoot their own foot and then say is hard to walk…

I bet the RIAA has some other report saying cd sales have gone up since the dimise of Napster…and that report will hit the media, not this one. It seems the RIAA controls the media very well to achieve their wishes - remember Napster coverage? Napster was ‘bad’ from the beginning according to the media.

If you think cd sales are down now, wait until copy protected cd’s become mainstream.

dude typical,do they even think about their actions?(RIAA)No f*cking duh cd sales went down,napster was the main reason i even bought most of my cd’s:8

I’m not a marketing genious but i can tell you my experience. One time i downloaded a mp3 from napster, an (for me) unknow artist. Now i have 4 original CD of that artist all buyed in US becouse that artist don’t sell in europe. That’s all.