Napster dead? File-Swapping's Bigger Than Ever!

I just posted the article Napster dead? File-Swapping’s Bigger Than Ever!.

The music industry has failed. Their strategy to close down file swapping services hasn’t worked. It took them 15 months and tens of millions of dollars to close down the Napster Service… and the…

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Yes,yes and yes again:7 grtz Slaine

haha… it serves them right… trying to stop the free information flood :slight_smile: power to the people!!! :d

Powet to the WEB :wink:

Hehehe there closing napster down backfired bigtime back napster whas just the begining :4

Trying to shut down was the greatest unwanted advertising campaign for other file sharing programs. If someone sees my favorite program is closing down then he just changes to another program.

The WinMX has been giving very good search results recently. I’d say it’s the best file sharing app at the moment, so everyone hook up.

MusicCity Morpheus (KaZaa) is what i use. napster is crap compared to kazaa.

all hail audiognome - :4

hehe this is what I call good news…

Napster was too main stream for the music industry to let it survive, I mean even the mortgage people who got me my new house had Napster on their pcs, BUT they had new clue what a ‘mp3’ file was… This whole case was bullshit though, how is Napster liable for the content that goes through it? I mean search engines like Yahoo! and stuff will turn up illegal search results (like Napster), but I doubt they will get sued. File sharing will not be stopped any time soon so these idiots need to wake up and smell the coffee in their three million dollar mansions and realize we are sick of being ripped off and will instead rip them off :d

nice one fish I agree! :d

Dear Record Companies Drop the price of a CD by atleast 50% and we will buy them, if not we just download them. You will always lose.:d

I use Audiogalaxy…I’ve been a great Napster user but switched to Audiogalaxy and I think it is the best… used KaZaa , Bearshare and Grokster but I still remain on Audiogalaxy …

Do NOT USE KaZaa ! it has scumware & spyware in it… By Far - the BEST mp3 sharing program out there is WinMX ( with the companion TrippyMX server list) It isn’t uncommon to hav terabytes of files available.

Surely FTP sites are the best way to get things , there are sites out there with 320gigs and more. If its the big files your after this is where you want to look. The ftp search engine is pretty awesome.

There are loads of programs out there. Napster opened Pandora’s box as far as the music industry is concerned…