Napster continues... for how long?

I just posted the article Napster continues… for how long?.

Well Napster survived court today… but there’s still the threat of getting shut down…

Well there is still hope (and there are alternatives)

Here’s the article from CNET


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Sad news everyone, but Napster has been found illegal by the court. I just saw it on the news. That means that they have to stop their activities until they are beginnig to charge money for their service. They will MINIMALLY charge ±10 dollars a month for their service Dis sux :frowning: CDfreaks, hope u won’t leave us (again)

Why worry about Napster shutting down or charging money? Hunderds of independent servers all over the world can take over the job for free. The good news is they already do! A nice prog for connecting to these servers is WinMX. I believe its better than Napster. WinMX can even resume broken downloads. As long as Napster is alive you can even connect to the Napsterservers with WinMX. You can find more at or (Dutch). At Museekster you can even download a demovideo of WinMX. So you can see for yourself that WinMX sure rules the waves (better: MP3’s).