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New app: “Gnutella” Creator: Nullsoft (Winamp) This new app will be released in a month or so, but it will be a new contestor in…

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great, wont take long then before there are more usefuller gnut… (to difficult to prononce) available, but i guess that also means faster version with backdoors coded in it


this kinda sucks in no time you’l have all kinds a home made gnut… with backdoors in it n backdoors n more backdoors
in no time gnut… will become more insecure then icq
just my two cents


It’s already downloadable! Check the following site to try the first NapAmp version:


Okay okay I submitted this information a bit too soon… This isn’t Gnutella but it’s also for WinAmp and uses the Napster servers…


Last thing that I’m going to mention about this. You can download the 0.48 version of Gnutella from this website:



rumor has it that Napster is used by the cybercops to bring out the big players in mp3 piracy, thus giving them a good logging interface to get IPs and then notify the appropiate authorities on the issue. I’d just like to know the progress on it. =B