Napster clones losing users

I just posted the article Napster clones losing users.

As Napster is almost dead, more and more people switched to Napster like programs. In April this year about 100.000 people were using alternative services. Now, about a month later it’s only…

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Napster is dead. Why bother to even have an article about them. :r

Well, I use KaZaA and the # of users is growing everyday. In the beginnig, a few days after the CD-freaks review I downloaded KaZaA. About 5000 users, but now around 72000 !! users. That’s what I am lookin’for. * 6.204.000 files online with an aprox. * filesize of :27214,5 GB :9:7 So my advice is use KaZaA. Good for cd’s and movies. also has a ton of users, they use the exact same software as Kazaa but on a different (larger?) network.

Just quickly checked the MusicCity network: 79869 users online, sharing 6763K files (29356.5 GB)

The MusicCity and the KazaA network are connected. You can reach the same users with KaZaA and Morpheus (the MusicCity version of KaZaA). BTW WinMX has released a new version yesterday. Check ot version 2.6. WinMX is getting better alll the time.

Watch the musiccity version of KazaA (Morpheus). It was posted on cdfreaks that this was spyware!

those programs has spyware in em,:wink:

They only way to avoid spy ware is to have a fire wall up. I found Zone Alarm work very good. It will also display the IP address of the attempted break-in. Then you can even go further and find the person’s name email and send him a nasty gram or email bomb to let him know not to f*ck with you again. :d

All of you should be using eDonkey2000 it ROCKS!!! :7 Check out: