Napster case continues monday... shutdown?

I just posted the article Napster case continues monday… shutdown?.

Monday (2 days from now) the court is going to decide if napster can continue its services during the trial. It has a 50% chance napster will stop on monday… we will see…


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Shut down Napster and there will be 10 others to take its place (already are)

Come on Napster show them who’s the daddy… … . :slight_smile:

Napster might continue, or it might not, but it will never be the same. Since Bertelsmann bought it and a nitwit on the field of internet came in charge of Napster it is doomed anyway. How can one think people would pay for a service like napster when there are so much FREE alternatives out there… Oh well, never used it anyway :smiley:

Don’t worry. If Napster has to stop, start using WinMX and log on to servers like MusicCity/OpenNap. You will never want to use Napster again. More than 6 million MP3’s available, hardly any transfer errors and a solid resumefunction! You can even share videofiles with it. It’s the best alternative for Napster at the moment. Even better than AudioGnome!! Check out (dutch) or for more about this superb little prog.

I dunno for sure but I think non-officieal Napster servers (like opennap) can still be used for Napster using nappigator and stuff…

There are already thousands of File-sharing programs!! So if Napster is shut down, than use an other program, just as simple as that!! :8