Napster-Burning Music

i dont know exactly what im doing, also dont know any of the lingo you guys might use :slight_smile: but here goes

I have napster(obviously)

I can download the songs to my hard drive.
I can listen to them on my computer.
I can even burn them to a CD.
But, when i try to play them on the cd on anything other then my computer it wont play it, or says (copy pro)tected/ion

They are all in the WMA. type
Is there anyway to get past the copy protection or maybe make them into MP3’s (i dunno)

Hi there!
So u have Napster (obviously???) I remember the golden years when it was free and used to share mp3… Anyway, this may be of some help for you:
p.s. Seriously, dont support the business scheme that gives u such headaches.

You have agreed to the napster laws.
So you ar enot allowed to do what you are trying to do.