Napster blocks Manics fans

I just posted the article Napster blocks Manics fans.

ManOWar submitte that another group has asked Napster to block users that have illegaly download their songs:

Manic Street Preachers fans have had their Napster accounts blocked.

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NAPSTER SUCKS!!! it’s too full of lamers anyway these days. They have no idea what a good quality mp3 is and have all kinds of shit plus they kick you everytime you try to download from them. Napster has gone fully commercial and ‘gone to the dark side’. CDFREAKS RULES! I’m glad it’s back. Whats up with all those stupid posting guidelines though? They take up so much space that the submit button doesn’t even fit on the page properly. Cant you do them in small tiny text like most disclaimers :slight_smile: