Napster Beta 8 Out Now!

I just posted the article Napster Beta 8 Out Now!.

As we posted earlier we thought there was a new version of Napster… And we were right. Napster has updated their page:

New in Napster 2.0 beta 8 :

You’ll have an easier time transferring…

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The original and best!

Nop, it isn’t the best. AudioGnome is the best. (


Why the fuck did they remove the resume-function that was available with beta5?
Well, Napster will be gone soon anyway.
Let’s use Audiognome!

another useless update, i still use beta 6. less crap.

fuck the gui of audio gnome … sucks!

damn still no dl resuming

Audiognome RULEZ

you just have to get used to the GUI

and BTW:
how can i submit news?
nero is out (

audiognome is pretty good but i wish it would tell the latency ping between my system and the servers, and the users with songs i may be wanting to download. ive had to stop a download and get it from someone else many times because it was too slow. if they fix that then audiognome will kick ass!

Betcha do Spanky!!

Not a very good prog but what can you do, it gives you free music

Napster is better than Audiognome. Download with it goes more slow and reseme works only sometimes!

What the f*ck is this? your audiognome(I just thougt “what the hell” and wanted to down it) the only problem is that I aint got a really fast connection, ussually something like 7,5kbps but your butt-site only gives 1,5, now that’s what I call shitty service. i just down it anyway, but if the prog downing is slow, the sharing can’t be any faster!

Tha Master 4-Ever