Napster and Itunes

OK firstly I am sorry to bring up a topic that has almost certainly been discussed many times before but I am new to this and my time in front of a PC is limited (3 kids all want it as well).
So, the kids have upwards of 500 songs downloaded from Napster and all received ipods for christmas. They tell me it is not possible to play thier Napster bought songs (apparently WMA) on thier ipods (mp3). Would some please shed some (more) light on this for a dumb Dad.

So did I hit a nerve or are you guys bored with this topic? Maybe no one knows the answer.
I’ll try elsewhere.

Um dude. Try the search feature. There’s a huge thread about this in the audio forum.

Your best bet to convert these files to mp3 format is to purchase Tunebite or MuvAudio.

Basically, Apple refuses to take on other DRM formats and also refuses to license out its own FairPlay DRM system. As a result, any music service that uses DRM other than iTunes will not be compatible with an iPod.

While there are no quick-fix solutions to let you ‘dump’ your Napster music on an iPod, there are several tools available that will let you convert your music to MP3 or AAC, both of which are iPod friendly. Any songs you purchased individually (those that cost ~99c per track) can be written as an Audio-CD, which means that you can easily use a CD-RW to record up to about 80 minute of music and then use iTunes to rip the CD into an iPod friendly format. Unfortunately, if your music is part of Napster’s “To Go” service where you pay a monthly subscription to keep your music, you will have to use a 3rd party utility, such as Tunebite to convert your tracks.

There is already a huge discussion of getting around WMA’s DRM on this thread. A few past threads on converting music can be found here and here. As justcallmebob mentions, go into the P2P forum itself, click ‘Search’ and type in ‘Napster’. You’ll find lots more threads covering this same topic. :slight_smile:

Many Thanks, all I needed was a piont in the right direction.