Napster alters software

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Music software company Napster said it has blocked 317,377 user screen names that have been identified by…

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I submitted this news aswell yesterday, although in dutch … ;-). Anyway, a screenshot of that Napster msg is available at . It’s still possible to use the program though, by re-installing it (after a Remove-software operation that kills the registry-settings). I assume you need to create a new user . …

Source: (dutch site).

Hmm, I also submitted that news yesterday … but who cares, as long as it gets on the page )

Hmmm, a search today on Metallica on Napster returns over 100 songs… So maybe they should block some more users…

Read even more on:,1367,36248,00.html?tw=wn20000511


Does anyone know where I can re-download Napster Beta 5?

I can’t stand beta 6’s lack of advanced search options. You can’t search for songs with a high bitrate or from a person with a fast connection anymore.

If you want Napster Beta 5 you can still download from there website.

I’d just like to point out that in version 6 beta of Napster you can in fact choose advanced search options. What you have to do is click that little button on the search screen that says “Advanced” on it and it opens the options to do an advanced search. They have removed one of the options from that list but most of them are still there. Also, the biggest feature about v6 that’s good is you can cancel it when it’s logging in and it’ll still let you stay on the server whereas with all previous versions this resulted in you getting disconnected.