Napster alternatives start blocking songs

I just posted the article Napster alternatives start blocking songs….

The record industry is not only bugging Napster anymore. Also other leading alternatives have begun blocking copyrighted files.

Late this week, members of the Israel-based iMesh service–the…

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There stupid morons, they only after the little fish! Me and many others get there shit off private ftp’s. So i think they are pretty cluess :stuck_out_tongue:

they are so stupid… napster became more popular when it was suid bij the record companies and became hot news… now many people don`t know about imesh, but when it becomes more in the news because of this more people hear about it and so imesh gets only more users…

All started with Metalica. Cause their mad cause all their new cd’s are crap. there pissed cause all the fans are mad cause they suck now. its not our fault if u procduce junk (Lars and James). sorry to say that no one wants to waste their had earn dollars on crap. thats why they put on wax mirc or ftp’s work fine for file swaping. :8