Napster alternative

You all know Napster is on fire. And that less people use Napster now.

What is THE alternative to Napster? Who knows? Thx!

dear mp3 lover

I had the same problem no I’ve some good progams even better then napster :slight_smile:

the first:

With this tool you can login into all non-napster servers so there are no filters and no other shit and it’s not going to close download it at you can even resume the downloads and download other extensions then mp3

the second ( my favourite)
KaZaA media desktop this progam hase an own download accelator into the progam if 2 people hase the same file you’ll download it by 2 people or by 10 and even 30 you can also download divx movies with high speed some times 300 kb/s !!! it’s only a new tool but there a lot people even more then napster now online

there are lot other peer to peer tools you can found about 100 her if you are dutch you can go here: <<<very good site

Greetz arjan

Thanks for reply. I tried Kazaa before and It was not very succesful in finding the stuff I need.

I will try Winmx soon.

But I think nothing will work as good as the good old Napster. :frowning:

Nothing better than the old Napster?

Just wait till you have checked out WinMX.

OK, I take your word. I’m going to try Winmx! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Check also for audiognome at (the first and most advanced alternative for napster) and, for something completely different,